As wearing a face covering may reduce the spread of coronavirus and help to protect others, the University has decided that they should be worn in almost all circumstances on campus.  We will remain sensitive to the needs of those who are unable, for health or disability reasons, to wear face coverings.

The wearing of face coverings applies to all individuals on our campuses – students, colleagues, contractors, visitors and commercial clients. We will continue to review the requirement to wear face coverings as Government guidance develops.

You should provide your own face covering. In case your personal face covering is lost or damaged, the University will provide a limited stock of disposable face coverings at campus entrances. Disposable face coverings should be placed in a normal bin when damp/soiled.

How to wear face coverings

It is expected that you will follow Government guidance on how to wear and handle face coverings, and how to make and wash re-useable face coverings.

Circumstances where face coverings are not required

  • Individuals working alone in offices/labs/workshops etc or alone behind screens
  • Disability or health reasons (as per Government guidance, proof of this will not be required)
  • Household/flat areas within student accommodation (unless you are a colleague or contractor, in which case they should be worn at all times)
  • Sports facilities being used for the purpose of exercise (if being used for other purposes face coverings must be worn)
  • Office or communal seated areas during consumption of food/drink
  • academic and technical support colleagues during the delivery of their timetabled teaching sessions
  • Outdoors
  • External environments (unless required due to the nature of the external environment, eg museums, transport hubs)

Circumstances where individuals may need to remove their face coverings in order to assist others

Note that where requested to remove face coverings, eg for the purposes of identification or to assist in communication, you should do so (following Government guidance)

Disability/health-related exemptions

You may feel more comfortable showing something that says you do not have to wear a face covering.

Orange University of Westminster-branded lanyards and wallet cards (for those who prefer) will be available for those who wish to indicate that they cannot wear face coverings due to disability/health reasons.

Yellow University of Westminster-branded lanyards and wallet cards will be available for those who may need others to remove their face coverings in order to improve communication. These may carry the message ‘Clear Communication Please’.

Students who are unable to wear face coverings for disability-related reasons may contact Disability Learning Support ([email protected]) to obtain a lanyard or discuss other means of confirmation of exemption.

Colleagues can also collect a suitable lanyard. Information on where these may be collected from will be posted on the Coronavirus Updates for Colleagues intranet page. Students will be informed by the Disability Support Team how they can collect a lanyard/card.