No organisation – new or established – and no individual – privileged or underrepresented – has been unaffected by the pandemic. It is how we respond now by which future generations will judge our efforts.

Our team has been extraordinary, students and colleagues alike, in coming together to mitigate the disruption caused in switching to a fully digital operation; however, there are still barriers to be overcome to protect our most vulnerable students.

Despite the successful transition to remote working and learning, there are students who simply do not have the infrastructure, finances or support in this new and uncertain climate. Many have lost their part-time jobs and only source of income, others are caring for vulnerable relatives and some need ongoing financial support for IT equipment and connectivity for distance learning.

Our key priority is academic delivery over the coming months to ensure our students, all entering their final and most crucial term, are still able to reach their true potential. There is a very real threat of our more financially vulnerable students having to defer their studies due to the challenging personal circumstances they now find themselves in as a consequence of COVID-19.

This is why we have established three important funds for our friends and supporters to consider, to help ensure our more vulnerable students still stand the best possible chance of completing this year to the highest possible standard:

  1. Stay on Track Scheme
    To provide financial support to students facing immediate difficulty paying for day to day living costs including rent, food, or medical costs due to current arrangements. Students can apply for a grant of £750, reduced to £300 if they are furloughed
  2. Living Expenses Support Scheme
    Means tested grants of between £100 and £3,000, depending on circumstances, available to home students to assist with longer term financial issues
  3. Stay Sheltered Scheme
    Means tested accommodation bursaries, depending on the rent a student is charged, of up to £1,100. This is especially important for overseas students who can no longer return to their home country over the summer holidays

*Every pound you donate will be matched by the University.

With your support, we can help reduce the financial concerns of our students to ensure they continue to dedicate themselves fully to their studies and reach their true potential this summer.

Please show your support and donate to the COVID-19 Response Fund, selecting ‘COVID-19 Response Fund’ and typing scheme 1, 2 or 3 in the ‘message’ field.

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