The team provides support to enable our researchers and doctoral researchers to publish and share their outputs.

This includes:

For further information contact:

Jenny Evans, Head of Research and Scholarly Communications

Nina Watts, Metadata Librarian

Andrew Lockett, Press Manager, University of Westminster Press

Open access and the REF

Don’t miss REF2021, make your research freely available online – add it to the VRE now!

  • Whenever you have an item accepted for publication, add details to your researcher profile in the Virtual Research Environment (VRE)
  • It will be checked before being added to our institutional repository WestminsterResearch
  • For journal articles and published conference proceedings, you must include a copy of your final accepted manuscript and the date of acceptance
  • Contact

University of Westminster Press

The University of Westminster Press exists to assist the University’s research community in addressing the open access agenda for publishing research as mandated or encouraged by UK authorities. By doing so it aims to contribute to the growing open access movement as well as providing an accessible high quality publishing option for Westminster authors and associates.

  • Publishes books, journals and policy briefings
  • Offers an opportunity for greater circulation for research outputs
  • Journals are free to user in digital form across the world
  • Books are made available free digitally and affordably in print
  • All publications are externally peer-reviewed and considered by the UWP editorial board
  • Publications are fully funded for Westminster authors across certain strands and formats.
  • Works with digital first platform provider Ubiquity Press
  • Publishes University of Westminster and external authors and editors
  • Publishes in areas that reflect the teaching and research strengths of the University of Westminster across all faculties
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Research data management

Visit our Research data pages for advice on all aspects of research data planning, gathering and storage.


ORCiD provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities, ensuring that your work is recognised. Find out more on the ORCiD website.

ORCiDs are now mandatory for some funders (eg the Wellcome Trust and institutions have been strongly encouraged to provide an ORCID for all Category A staff to be submitted in REF2021) and over 50 publishers have signed the Open Letter to require ORCiD in publication workflows and as a condition for submission.

Watch the What is ORCID? video for more information.

You can connect your iD to the University of Westminster within the Virtual Research Environment (VRE)

Distinguish yourself in 3 easy steps:

  • Register for an ORCiD ID
  • Connect your ID to your work
  • Use your ID in grants, publications, datasets and more

Register at

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