The University has a limited Article Processing Charges (APC) Application Fund to pay open access charges that all academic staff may apply to, subject to eligibility criteria of the article itself. All applications are subject to the approval of the College Research Director and budget constraints, as the fund is very limited.

The Institutional APC Fund’s primary aim is to enable academic freedom to publish in the context of ensuring wide readership and impact for research. If the most appropriate place to publish is a gold, fully open access journal, then the fund will enable this.

The fund will also support the move to a fully open access journal model by supporting publishers who offer substantial discounts (known as an offset) to the cost of an APC in a hybrid journal for which the University has paid for a subscription.

A hybrid journal is one that offers the option of paying to make open access on publication (via an APC), whilst still charging subscription costs to view other articles. We will no longer pay for gold open access charges in hybrid journals where no such deal exists. This is in line with Plan S recommendations, whereby hybrid journals with transformative agreements will be compliant during a transition period.

How to apply

Authors wishing to apply to this fund must check eligibility, complete the online form and wait for approval of their application, before committing the University to payment.  If an application meets the criteria and is supported by the College Research Director, then the repository team, who will confirm whether funds remain available, and liaise with the author to arrange payment.

Eligible Submissions

  • Any application needs to be approved by the College Research Director and repository team before an author commits the University to payment.
  • The fund covers APCs for articles published in pure gold journals, e.g. those that are entirely free to read.  Please see DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) for listing.
  • It does not cover gold access to individual papers in hybrid journals (those that charge a subscription for the journal, and APCs for individual articles) unless they offer us a substantial discount on the APC charge due to us paying a subscription.  Details of qualifying publishers are included in the APC Workflow link below.
  • The lead, or corresponding, author must be a member of university staff.  The fund is not open to doctoral researchers (other than when they appear as a co-author of a paper submitted by a qualifying staff member).
  • Where the research is funded under a grant, then funding for open access charges should be sought from the funder in the first instance.  Please see Open Access Funding for more detail.

Please refer to the APC Workflow diagram to check eligibility before applying.

Open access without additional payment upon submission

We have agreements in place so that some articles published by Springer, Wiley, and Sage can be published with no APC to pay at the point of submission.  

You do not need to apply to the APC fund to benefit from gold open access in these journals.  For more information, please see our Open access funding page.


Please contact [email protected] for more information or any queries about applying for APC funding.