Research framework

Research at Westminster is managed and conducted within a framework of policy, regulation and good practice for which the Research Committee is responsible. This framework consists of a suite of inter-related documents that should be read in conjunction with each other. The University has produced an Annual Narrative Statement focused on its work in the area of research integrity which provides useful information to both researchers and the public who are interested in finding out how the University conducts its research to the highest standards:

The University point of contact for research governance-related policies and codes is Huzma Kelly at [email protected]

Key documents 2018–19

Framework for Research Governance – An overarching policy statement for research activity at the University of Westminster (PDF) Updated November 2017

This document aims to set out the overarching Framework for Research Governance at the University. Compliance with supporting policies, codes and regulations is the responsibility of individual researchers.

Newsletter 2018/19

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