WestminsterResearch is the University of Westminster's online repository, containing the research output of the University's academic community, including doctoral theses.

Thousands of publications are currently listed in the archive, over 1700 of which are accompanied by a full-text e-print and many more provide a link to the full-text on the publisher's website.

WestminsterResearch is available through Open Access, the means by which peer-reviewed research is made freely available online, with as few restrictions on how the works may be re-used as possible.

If you are a member of academic staff or doctoral researcher, in order to submit entries, you should add details to your researcher profile in the Virtual Research Environment (VRE) whenever you have an item accepted for publication. Please also include any older research outputs that are not listed in WestminsterResearch.

What is included?

WestminsterResearch contains many thousands of bibliographic records of publications created by members of the academic community at the University of Westminster. Types of entries include journal articles, chapters, books, conference papers, exhibitions, digital and visual media, artefacts, designs and PhD theses.

Please note: This is not a complete listing of research publications of the University of Westminster.


Where possible we make available the full text of journal articles, conference papers and other appropriate outputs. The online version may differ in format from the final published version.

Where we are unable to provide access to the full text, many journal articles and some other research outputs have a link to the publisher’s website. Here you will be able to view the full text if you or your institution has a subscription, or you may be given the option to buy it if you don’t.

If there is no full text attachment or link visible, then unfortunately we are unable to provide access.

Take-down Policy

In case of abuse or copyright appearing without permission please email the WestminsterResearch Administrator who will remove the item from public view while the complaint is investigated. If there are any contractual, ethical or sensitive issues relating to specific publications, which mean they should not be made openly available, please contact us so we can try to accommodate your needs.

For open access guidance and information for authors, visit our Open Access site.

If you require further help, please email [email protected].

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