Adamawa is a poor but fertile state in North Eastern Nigeria. The Centre, with its associated company, Max Lock Consultancy Nigeria Ltd, was commissioned by the Adamawa State Government to provide a scoping study for effective and sustainable development planning of the state leading on to a full urban and regional planning study (currently under way).

The scoping study highlighted the following key issues:

  • The role of Geo-spatial Data Infrastructure (GDI) and use of satellite imagery in land use and cadastral mapping, for better urban planning, management of community assets, property valuation and access to credit for development.
  • A strategy for realizing the vision of a ‘Greater Yola’, which will guide the city’s growth along  with the surrounding Local Governments of Girei, Fufore and Demsa.
  • Environmental protection and the sustainable management of natural resources.
  • Stimulating and managing the growth of Local Governments through joint-planning between the State and Local tiers of Government.
  • The challenge of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), to increase collection, to improve accountability and to target spending better – all based on use of accurate data.
  • The need for training and capacity building, as an on-going and embedded element, in various aspects of urban management and planning.
  • The role of the Planning Commission as the hub for the collection, processing and management of economic data, as well as input-output monitoring for effective Monitoring and Evaluation.

Included in this Final Report (Appendix F) is a Proposal, Action Plan and Scope of Services for Stage 2 of the report, submitted at the request of the Adamawa State Government. It outlines the principles on which we recommend SADR be taken forward; fieldwork, data analysis, community participation, training and plan making at strategic and action area levels.

All these will be achieved through the setting up of a State-wide Geo-spatial Data Infrastructure (GDI), details of which are also set out in the SADR Stage 2 Proposal.


Download the full Adamawa Report.