Through this series of six seminars organised by Camilla Wilkinson, some of the difficult ethical and political questions encountered by architects volunteering for charities or working for NGO’s in the development sector, and about humanitarian work and its relations to power more generally were discussed. 


  • Tony Lloyd-Jones, 19 March 2013 Urban Resilience: Natural Hazard Risks for Cities and the Implications for Practice
  • Isis Nunez Ferrera, 12 March 2013 Change by Design: Articulating New Spatial Imaginations
  • Nasser Golzari and Yara Sharif (with Murray Fraser and Miriam Ozanne), 05 March 2013 Cultivating Moments of Possibility in Palestine
  • Chris Medland, 12 February 2013 Simple Wooden Box: Arnica Drying Facility, Roumania
  • Katherine McNeil, 05 February 2013 Appropriate Design: Working with Architecture for Humanity, London
  • Eyal Weizman, 29 January 2013 The Roundabout Revolution