About the group

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Expanded Territories (ET) was set up in 2012 as an umbrella for a group of researchers, scholars and designers working on architecture in an expanded field. ET is intellectually ambitious, innovative, and forward-looking; it evokes a cultural project rather than merely a research field. It has been formed to bring into dialogue the work of those probing sites and practices previously considered outside the realm of architecture or urbanism – global mobilities, rural landscapes, resource extraction sites, energy infrastructures, data farms, the underground, the ocean, the atmosphere and so on. This work is framed by an emerging awareness of the planetary scale of urbanisation, the trans-national scope of culture, by the discovery of the anthropocene and by the ethical imperative to work with the agency and rights of human and non-human actants (animals, plants, minerals, earth elements) in the shaping of built environments.

We seek new ways to conceptualise, speak about and design architecture and cities in line with these conditions and objectives. We are engaged in research led practice and produce inter-disciplinary work between anthropology, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, tourism, science and technology, philosophy, geography and politics. We host regular seminars, symposia and conferences to engage in dialogue around these questions.

Our expertise

Collectively we can offer supervision and professional expertise in:

  • anthropocene related questions
  • cosmopolitical design
  • culturally driven regeneration
  • documentation and development of post-industrial sites
  • landscape architecture and tourism
  • monsoonal urbanism  
  • participatory action research
  • participatory video
  • research dissemination and communication
  • rur-ban policy
  • sustainable tourism

Associated courses and modules 

The following courses and modules are aligned with Expanded Territories:

BA Architecture

  • First Year Group F (Corinna Dean and Benson Lau)
  • First Year Group D (Duarte Santo and Rut Cuenca)
  • Design Studio (Two)Two (Natalie Newey and Anthony Powis)

M Arch