Inter-disciplinary reflections on the meaning of "security", "violence" and "justice” are growing. This research group adopts an inclusive approach, seeking to create a space within which scholars from different disciplines can discuss their understanding of core concepts and issues. In particular, we are concerned with examining how ‘security’ operates as an epistemic category and how it plays a decisive role in structuring state conduct domestically and within the international arena.

Our research focuses in particular on:

  • Borders and violence
  • Bottom-up resistance/self-defence
  • Critical criminal justice studies
  • Emerging powers
  • Human rights and international law
  • Intervention and power
  • Prison education
  • Rivalry
  • State violence

Our researchers, drawn from disciplines such as criminology, international relations, politics and sociology, aim to collaborate on both theoretical and empirical research on these issues, fostering an inclusive setting for scholars at all levels.

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