Cloud-based Simulation Platform for Manufacturing and Engineering


Building a European Research Community through Interoperable Workflows and Data


Scientific Gateway-based User Support


International Desktop Grid Federation - Support Project


Virtual Multidisciplinary Environments using Cloud Infrastructures


Optimal Scheduling of Scientific Application Workflows for Cloud-Augmented Grid Infrastructures


Sharing Interoperable Workflows for Large-scale Scientific Simulations on Available DCIs


European Desktop Grid Initiative


Desktop Grids for International Scientific Collaboration


Enabling Desktop Grids for e-Science


Protein Molecule Simulation on the Grid

Cloud Computing Distributed Infrastructure

The University of Westminster Cloud Cluster is the latest and most flexible computing resource offered by the School of Electronics and Computing. This extremely powerful platform addresses both teaching and research computing demands from within the university. It currently supports European projects and external research collaborations. The EC2 and S3 compatible "Amazon like" interface makes it very easy to use and accessible for everyone.

High-Performance Cloud Application Support Service

The Centre for Parallel Computing (CPC) offers a generic support service to users and collaborators based on P-GRADE. The objectives of the service are:

  • To enable users with compute- and data-intensive applications to benefit from high performance cloud computing through the P-GRADE toolset
  • To analyse, enable and prototype intensive user applications on high performance cloud- and grid-based infrastructure
  • To provide technical support to high performance cloud service providers for P-GRADE installation and advanced features, and underlying cloud- and grid-based infrastructure
  • To provide training, research and development