The work of the Research Centre for Parallel Computing (CPC) revolves around large-scale distributed computing infrastructures (DCIs), such as clouds and high-performance computing resources. It specifically focuses on cloud orchestration and autoscaling, science and business gateways, computational workflows and the efficient utilisation of such technologies by research and industry.

CPC has led several large research and industry collaborations in the areas of cloud orchestration, automated deployment and autoscaling, collaborated with almost 100 SMEs mainly from the manufacturing sector to develop cloud-based simulation and optimisation solutions, and designed and implemented highly secure cloud-based environments for hospitals and the healthcare sector. Please see the projects page for further details. 

Together with collaborating partners, CPC has developed the MiCADOscale cloud orchestration and autoscaling framework that enables companies and public sector organisations to deploy and manage their could-based applications in an optimal and cost-efficient way. MiCADOscale supports the automated deployment of applications to the targeted cloud resources and also assures that these applications utilise optimal amount of resources (virtual machines and containers) at run-time. MiCADOscale is open source, applied by several software companies, and commercialised by German technology company cloudSME.

Current research interests of the CPC include extending the cloud orchestration concept towards edge, fog and IoT devices, and supporting the optimisation of a large variety of applications including emerging application areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain.