Course summary

Would you like to learn Turkish in London? Join one of our part-time Turkish courses at our central London Regent Street Campus – just a few minutes' walk from Oxford Circus.  

Who is this class for?

You should have a good basic knowledge of the Turkish language and its grammar.

  • Part 1 is for you if you have already studied the Turkish language for approximately two years or 120 hours or equivalent.
  • You can join Part 2 if you have studied Turkish for about 140 hours.
  • You can join Part 3 if you will have studied Turkish for about 160 hours.

Discounts and offers

  • part 1 for £267 (£297 after 31 July)*
  • parts 1, 2 and 3 together for £550 (£607 after 31 July)*

To book all three parts, please proceed with booking Part 1 and add Parts 2 and 3 to your order when prompted during the checkout process. Please note that purchasing 3 Parts together equates to one single transaction, therefore we do not accept cancellation requests for Parts 2 and 3 individually.

Cancellations requests must be made more than 16 days before the start of Part 1.

Terms and conditions

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Course structure

Our Turkish lessons follow a communicative approach to language teaching, focusing on the language you need to communicate in authentic situations with an emphasis on speaking and listening. Our evening classes are taught by experienced language teachers who are native speakers of the language or equivalent.

Please note that the distribution of course content across terms may vary from year to year. This is due to the variable length of terms in different academic years. There may also be slight content variations at the discretion of the tutor. We may, for example, include additional content when general progress is good, or vary content according to students’ interests.

Learning resources

We will use Hitit Yabancilar Icin Turkce Ders Kitabi throughout the course. However, please wait until the first session before buying your course book.


In this term, we will cover:

  • the world of business
  • finding a job
  • at the work place
  • the secret for success and different jobs
  • health, sport and healthy lifestyles
  • the history of sports, Olympic sports


You will learn:

  • necessity mood, 'have', 'need', 'must', 'should'
  • necessitative participle suffix (-meli) 'have to', 'must' (-mek zorunda olmak, -mek mecburiyetinde olmak, -meye mecbur olmak)
  • present continuous tense indicative mood (veriyorum)
  • present aorist tense indicative mood (veririm)
  • future tense indicative mood (vereceğim)
  • reflexive pronouns (kendi kendime)
  • the reciprocal pronoun 'each other' (birbiri)


In this term, we will cover:

  • talking about our dreams and wishes
  • talking about fashion, Turkish traditional costumes etc
  • talking about education
  • technology and social media


You will learn:

  • wish mood (keşke)
  • conditional suffix, expressing unreal or hypothetical condition,
  • conditional postclitic expressing real condition (geziye çık-tı-k çık-alı)
  • adverbial clause form meaning 'ever since…'
  • past definite tense indicative mood (verdim)
  • past dubitative tense indicative mood (vermiştim)
  • optative tense subjunctive mood (versem)


In this term, we will cover:

  • talking about the environment (global warming, traffic, natural disasters)
  • aesthetics, dance, comedy, theatre
  • innovation: future or past events
  • mythology


You will learn:

  • auxiliary verbs (etmek, eylemek, olmak)
  • transitive and intransitive verbs (bir gazete okudum, bu gazeteyi okudum)
  • passive and reflexive verbs (yıkamak, yıkanmak)
  • accelerative verbs (getirivermek, götürüvermek)
  • causative verbs (güldürmek, bildirmek, dinletmek)
  • present participle (veren, vermekte olan)
  • past participle with miş. (vermiş olan, almış bulunan) and dik- (verdiğim)


**No classes on Bank Holiday Monday 25 May 2020

Our language courses are popular and can fill up quickly. If you can’t find the course you’re looking for please check back later, as further dates are added throughout the year.

Please note, bookings will close on Sunday 12 April 2020 so book early to make sure you don’t miss out!

Start date
Day and time


Part 3

Day and time



8 weeks**



Course dates

September start

  • Part 1: 23 September – 6 December 2019
  • Part 2: 13 January – 27 March 2020
  • Part 3: 20 April – 12 June 2020*
  • Part 3: 20 April – 19 June 2020**

* For courses running on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only.

** For courses running on Mondays only (no classes on Bank Holiday Monday 25 May 2020).


January start

  • Part 1: 13 January – 3 April 2020
  • Part 2: 20 April – 12 June 2020
  • Part 3: 15 June – 17 July 2020*

* Classes in Part 3 run twice a week.

January start is for selected languages only.


 Accessibility: Together with AccessAble, we have created online Disabled Access Guides for our buildings.