Would you like to gain valuable work experience as well as give something back to the local community and the University?

The student ambassadors scheme supports the University of Westminster’s student recruitment and widening participation activities.

Our student ambassadors help with Open Days, attend higher education fairs at local schools and colleges, and deliver presentations to school pupils on topics relating to higher education.

Student ambassadors give pupils at schools and colleges an authentic idea of what life is like at university. Hearing about your personal route into higher education can also encourage others to aim for a university education.

Included in your Higher Education Achievement Report

Your time as a student ambassador will be included in your HEAR.

The HEAR is your online record of all your achievements at the University, helping you demonstrate your potential to future employers.

The record includes your course marks as well as any extracurricular achievements.

Find out more on our HEAR webpage.

Why become a University of Westminster student ambassador?

Here are just a few reasons to become an ambassador:

  • develop essential presentation skills for academic life and employment
  • inspire school pupils in London and the South East
  • share your experiences of life at the University of Westminster with future students
  • enrich your student experience
  • receive a financial reward

What do student ambassadors do?

Ambassadors get involved in a variety of activities, including:

  • giving speeches on university life, finance and other subjects
  • accompanying academics and staff on school and college visits
  • helping at undergraduate open days and postgraduate information evenings
  • taking groups of prospective students on campus tours
  • hosting school group visits
  • answering questions about studying at the University of Westminster

What can I expect as a student ambassador?

  • Pride: You'll feel it when you step up to the role of representing your course and the University of Westminster
  • Challenge: You'll be exercising your skills in public speaking, information retention, and personal interaction. What better training ground for the leaders and professionals of tomorrow?
  • Fears: You had them before coming to university – prospective students will have them too. Reassure them! You know by now how great university is
  • Excitement: You'll meet a wide range of people, make contacts, be involved in events, and travel
  • Reward: The experience and confidence gained from both of the above. Not to mention a little extra cash earned meanwhile!

How do I become a student ambassador?

If you are interested in working for the student ambassador scheme please email the team at [email protected].

Remember: The application process starts when you first make contact with your potential employer so please think about your email before you send it, and treat this application process as you would any other. While the ambassador role does not often comprise administrative duties the ability to communicate professionally via all media is essential, so the quality of your written communication will be taken into consideration.