Staff assessment of enrolment information and getting your Student ID card

What happens next?

Once you have completed the Student Virtual Enrolment Task, you will receive an email confirming your current enrolment status of Not Enrolled. 

Why is the status Not Enrolled?

We have to verify your identity from the documents you have supplied and check your ID photo is suitable for your student ID card.

‘Not enrolled’ is an important first step, as it means you now have a student record, with core modules attached for your course.

Within five working days, staff will assess the information you supplied with one of the following outcomes:

  • If the details meet the enrolment requirements, your student record status will be updated from Not Enrolled to Fully Enrolled, and you will receive notification of your Fully Enrolled status. If you are resident in the UK, your student ID card will be dispatched to your UK term-time address within 10 working days, if/ when you have confirmed your term time address with us. If relevant, your full enrolment status will be confirmed with the Student Loans Company who will then prepare the loan for release to you.
  • If the details you supplied only partly meet the enrolment requirements, or you are an overseas student who will be studying on a Tier 4 visa, your student record will be updated to Temporary Enrolled. This status will provide the same access as a Fully Enrolled student for a limited period, and your ID card will still be posted to your UK term-time address, if/when you have confirmed your address with us.  You will be sent information on what to do and by when to change your status to Fully Enrolled.  
  • If you have not met the enrolment requirements, your student record status will remain as Not Enrolled. You will not have access to your course or student funding if relevant. You will receive confirmation that we need more information from you to progress your enrolment, and what to do next. Please wait to be contacted by us. If you don’t receive an email about your enrolment status within five working days contact us at: . Include your name, course and applicant ID in your message.

Enrolment deadline for home/EU and non-Tier 4 overseas students

For home/EU students and overseas students not here on a Tier 4 visa, the deadline by which your status must be Fully Enrolled is Monday 5 October 2020. Students who are not fully enrolled by this date will be withdrawn.

Enrolment deadline for overseas Tier 4 students

The final date to enrol is Monday 5 October 2020. All students who are not enrolled by this date will be withdrawn. However, there may be exceptional circumstances whereby the University may agree an extension.

Please note, if you are not yet in the UK you can enrol online and commence your course. The latest date for you to physically arrive in the UK is Friday 22 January 2021.

Paying your fees

If the Student Loans Company will be paying your fees, you can upload your confirmation letter to the Student Virtual Enrolment Task.

If you are a self-funding student and you have not already paid your fees online, please complete payment as soon as possible and no later than 30 September 2020.

For full details, including a secure payment link, information on instalment agreements and sponsorship, please visit our Paying your fees page.

Documentation required to complete Student Virtual Enrolment

For home/ EU students, the following documentation will be required.

  • Proof of your identify. This can be:
    • A valid UK, EU or EEA passport
    • An EU identity card
    • A non-EU/EEA passport PLUS a valid visa for study
    • A UK birth certificate, drivers licence with photo, and proof of your national insurance number eg a P60, P45 or national insurance card
  • Original certificates for qualifications that do not have a status of ‘verified’ or ‘verified UCAS’ in the Student Virtual Enrolment Task
  • If you are funded by the Student Loans Company, you will need your SLC confirmation letter
  • Proof of any fee payments made or scholarship/funding letters

If you are an international student, you will also need to provide the following documentation

  • Original valid visa for study
  • A valid passport