Enrolment information for new students

Congratulations – you made it!

Before joining the University, it's essential that you complete the enrolment process. All the information on how to enrol is here, so make sure you read it through carefully, and contact us if you have any questions.

The enrolment process

Enrolment is the first step every student takes to get involved in University life, from lectures to Students' Union events.

The enrolment procedure has two steps and is carried out online.

Step one is the Student Virtual Enrolment Task. You will check and confirm the details from your application, and provide ID documentation and a photo for your student ID card. In step two, staff assess the information you have submitted to confirm your enrolment and issue your student ID card.

Step one takes place once your application is at the right stage in the process. Our admissions office will send you an ‘enrol now’ email with a link to the Student Virtual Enrolment Task.


Step 1 - Student Virtual Enrolment Task

Step 2 - Staff assessment of enrolment information and getting your student ID card


Arrivals Week and next steps

Find out about next steps, including: 

  • Arrivals Week (11–15 January)
  • course arrivals programmes
  • Welcome Festival
  • support and contacts

Visit our Welcome to Westminster page.

Returning students

If you're already a student here and are looking for re-enrolment information, visit our separate returning students enrolment page.