The Translator's Invisible Toolkit

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This course aims to explore and improve the invisible toolkit that we, as translators, bring to bear on our everyday work.

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When working as a translator the mindset you bring to your role as a freelancer plays a huge and often unacknowledged part in your success and is just as important your skills, knowledge and translation techniques. In this day-long workshop, through a series of discussions and discovery activities, you will explore varying attitudes to life and work as translators, and uncover a series of concepts that will help you move towards a more satisfying and fulfilling experience. The end goal is to acquire and serve more clients, make more money and enjoy your work more than ever before.

The journey this workshop takes towards that goal is unconventional  - not one you'll find in the standard books or courses. It'll be entirely free of `how-to' guides, checklists or instructions for using social media. The day will make you think differently about the way you approach your work and your life as a whole, we will raise questions that no-one but you can answer, because only you really know your individual context.

One thing is guaranteed: at the end of this workshop, nothing about your freelance life will look quite the same as it did when you arrived. This workshop provides practical, concrete, measurable outcomes to increase your satisfaction and your bottom line.

Andrew Morris is a translator, writer, teacher and community manager. In 2014 he began the Facebook group Standing Out which grew to thousands of members, and now runs the Standing Out Mastermind with a focus on working with direct clients. He has published two books of his writing, both available on Amazon: The Book of Standing Out and Still Standing Out. He is fascinated by the extent to which people fulfil their potential (or not), and what helps or hinders us in doing so, based on the belief that just about everyone can do, have and be more, if they only open their eyes.

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