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Book chapters

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Journal articles

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Other publications 

Breen, P. (September 2015). ‘Teachers in a tide of change: technology’s influence on professional practice.’ Papers from the 26th Communication Skills Workshop - Identity Explored: Language Centre, Language Professional, Language Teacher, Language Learner. Paper presented at University of Helsinki Communication Skills Workshop - ‘Identity Explored: Language Centre, Language Professional, Language Teacher, Language Learner.’ 13-15 September 2013, Helsinki, Finland.

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External Engagement 

WPLC Staff act as external examiners at a number of UK universities: Open University, Goldsmiths, University of London, University of Essex. 

They sit on a number of journal editorial boards, including English for Specific Purposes, Journal of English for Academic Purposes, and regularly review manuscripts for Language Learning Journal, Language Value, Higher Education, and System, among others.

They also review conference papers for associations such as BALEAP, IATEFL, and TESOL. 

Conference presentations 

Pearson, J. (Nov. 2015). Process and practice: The implementation of an alternative writing assessment on EAP pre sessional courses. Paper presented at BALEAP November PIM, Sheffield. 

Pearson, J. (April 2015). BALEAP April 2015 pre-conference event: invited to speak on a panel of research ‘experts’ in EAP with Jim Donohue and Ken Hyland

Pearson, J. (February, 2014): Reconceptualising the “authentic” within EAP assessment. Paper presented at the February 2014BALEAP PIM 

Daniels, F. and Weir, K.  (2013). The quality assurance of language competence in the military context.  Paper presented at English for Uniformed Forces, Jakarta, Indonesia, May 2013.  

Weir, K.  (2013). The design, piloting and quality assurance processes in the production of the SHAPE Language Tests. Paper presented at the annual language trainers’ conference at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), Mons, September 2013.

Pearson, J (2013). Participation and control in EAP writing assessment. Poster presented at the EALTA 2013 Conference, Istanbul.  

External Contracts

Daniels, F. and Weir, K. (2012-present). Series of contracts with governmental agencies to 1. Deliver listening examinations in French, German, Arabic and Spanish, 2. Develop English language tests and foreign language multi-level tests in over 40 languages, and 3. Design and deliver intensive language courses in Arabic, Persian, French, German, Russian and Spanish.