Faculty Research Ethics Committee

The University has delegated authority for consideration of research ethics issues to all Faculties via Faculty Research Ethics Committees (FRECs) for certain types of research (as defined as classified by the Ethics Code of Practice (PDF)).

Download our Routes for Applications according to Research classification PDF to see the routes where applications to FRECs can be made (or if required to University Research Ethics Committee [UREC]).

Details on the Operation of FRECs and their delegate sub-Committees can be found in the Addendum B1 of the Code.

FREC Terms of reference, membership and composition

Read the Terms of Reference and Membership and Composition for FRECs (PDF).

Find out which staff are the current FREC Chairs and Secretaries.

To access the list of FREC meetings either visit the Virtual Research Environment (FREC page) – University log-in required. Alternatively, you can contact the FREC.

Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty Research Ethics Committee

The Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty Research Ethics Committee (SSH FREC) is responsible for the ethical approval system for research specifically across the Faculty.

Find out about the Social Sciences and Humanities research ethics committee.

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Graduate School

The Graduate School at the University of Westminster is home to our doctoral researchers.