P-GRADE allows users to perform high performance computing in the Cloud. It hides complexity by combining easy-to-use programming tools with seamless access to massively distributed computing resources.

Pgrade high performance computing


P-GRADE is a framework of complementary and interoperating technologies for the development and execution of both high-performance computing (HPC) and high-throughput computing (HTC) programmes on massively distributed computing infrastructures (DCIs) in the Cloud. P-GRADE enables businesses, organisations, communities and individuals anywhere in the world to access powerful computing capabilities within a cloud environment quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Unnecessary technical details are completely hidden from the user, making P-GRADE very easy to learn and use. The distributed computing resources in the user’s cloud can be assembled and combined from manifold sources, such as: private clusters controlled by the user, volunteer computing resources, and resources rented from public cloud service providers. Thus, users may tailor their cloud to suit their own circumstances, for example extracting additional value from their existing infrastructure, renting cloud services as the need arises, or a combination of both. All resources – whatever the type, wherever the location – are marshalled by P-GRADE to create a seamless set of resources for the end user to run their high-performance computing tasks and workflows.

Technological impacts of P-GRADE:

  • efficient and seamless engagement with a wide range of interoperable computational resources, both hardware and software, that can be owned or leased
  • simplified workflow creation and management through user-friendly portals and graphical tools
  • orchestration of desired computational workflow on chosen infrastructure

Impact on industry, the public sector and citizens:  

  • enhanced user productivity through focus on requirements independently of computational infrastructure
  • efficient and cost-effective use of resources
  • enhancement of products and services using HPC

Some companies using P-GRADE in their products and services:      

  • Correlation Systems Ltd (Israel)
    • video stream analysis and sea vehicle tracking
  • Simsoft Ltd (Turkey)
    • commercial gateway for business process optimisation
  • E-Group Ltd (Hungary)
    • document conversion support for Facebook communities


P-GRADE effectively separates the concerns of users from those of system providers, releasing creative synergy and delivering results incredibly quickly.

Dr Gabor Terstyanszky, University of Westminster

Supported by: European Framework (FP7) and UK Research Councils