The Max Lock Centre is based on the archive of papers, letters, notebooks and publications of Max Lock and the Max Lock Group held in the University. Recently the papers of John F.C.Turner have joined this archive.

Download the Preliminary catalogue of the Max Lock Archive:

The common factor in these two archives is the profound influence of Sir Patrick Geddes on both men and their work. It is intended that the Archive and the Max Lock Centre should act as a network for all those similarly influenced. Further papers may be added should the need arise. However, the main emphasis will be on building up the network so that the origins of and the practical application of the Geddes ecological philosophy embodied in Folk, Place and Work may develop and continue in the field of urban and rural planning.

The research currently being carried out will be archived as it is completed so that the whole archive becomes a practical, growing and working resource for both researchers and scholars. The complimentary work of the Centre and that of John Turner and his colleagues with their Tools for Community Regeneration project are being brought together. In this way the concept of holistic planning can be forwarded through communities being able to avail themselves of the best knowledge to meet and develop their needs. Michael Theis has worked with the Max Lock Group since 1944 and advises the current research. He has catalogued the Max Lock papers on a broad, preliminary basis prior to professional archiving. A print-out of the preliminary catalogue is available on request through the Centre. It is currently being prepared for placing on the website. The John Turner papers will shortly be similarly listed and available through the Aim25 website.

The archive is now held as part of the University of Westminster Archive, 4-12 Little Titchfield Street, London, W1W 7UW.
Research facilities are available through the University Archivist -

[email protected]
T: 020 7911 5000 ext. 2524
F: 020 7911 5158.

A summary history of Max Lock and the Group is based on the text of a travelling exhibition. Max Lock 1909 - 1988 Architect/Planner, People and Planning - An Exhibition of His Life and Work.

The exhibition is available for booking and summary brochures will be sent on request through the Centre.