CSD is shaping both critical and policy debates on the extent to which our political institutions and human subjects are capable of being rethought, repurposed and redirected to pressing and complex problems such as anthropogenic climate change, and how their capacity and resilience can be enhanced. The Centre critically assesses conceptions of resilience and adaptation and the central role these have acquired in policy frameworks dealing with developmental, social, economic, security and environmental problems in ways that clearly cross traditional disciplinary boundaries. This research focuses on a range of geographical scales and locations, including the city, multi-level governance and emerging powers.

In this context of changing discourses and practices of governance, particular areas of focus for CSD include:

  • The capacity of ‘bottom up,’ distributed forms of governance and ‘smart’ approaches to policy-making in the face of complex coordination challenges
  • New technologies of governance, including such themes as artificial intelligence, digital politics and participation, cybernetics, algorithmic governance and regulation, the role of Big Data and the Internet of Things
  • Post-human imaginaries of the Anthropocene and the materiality of political contestation

CSD is home to: