An emerging, significant area of work within the university, coordinated by CSD, is on the study of gender and sexuality. These concepts, subjectivities and practices are framed not only in the formal, political policy-making sense, but in ways that recognise that the everyday practices of gender and sexuality are in themselves political. The analysis of gender and sexuality is approached from a variety of critical perspectives within CSD, with particular attention to the experience of the marginalised, minoritised, occupied and suppressed.

Research on gender and sexuality at Westminster covers diverse topics, geographical locations and time periods, including the role of women in resistance in Palestinian societies, gendered violence in Kashmir, the politics of masculinity and white privilege in South Africa, and LGTBQ+ politics in global contexts.

The inter-disciplinary gender and sexuality group aims to highlight and support the work of staff and postgraduate students from across the university, provide opportunities for networking and promote the application of multiple methodological approaches. Currently members are drawn from the disciplines of Politics and International Relations, Sociology, History, Media, Cultural Studies and Law.

The group is open to anyone connected with the University of Westminster interested in, or actively researching, aspects of gender and sexuality. The conveners are Dan Conway (Politics and International Relations), Helen Glew (History), Francis Ray White (Sociology) and Olimpia Burchiellaro (Westminster Business School).

The gender and sexuality group has organised a number of events, including:

  • Queer Activism Today
  • End of Equality with Beatrix Campbell
  • The Legend of Leigh Bowery film screening
  • Lecture by Cynthia Enloe
  • Roundtable discussion on queer spaces