The Centre for the Study of Democracy is actively engaged with a broad range of research themes producing significant work within the University. Browse our research themes below.

Contemporary democratic theory and governance

CSD has a long tradition of critical democratic theory, with renowned theorists including John Keane, Chantal Mouffe and Bhiku Parekh. Read more about Contemporary democratic theory and governance.

Critical international theory

CSD has a particular strength in critical approaches to understanding international politics. Read more about Critical international theory.

Gender and sexuality

Research on gender and sexuality at Westminster covers diverse topics, including the role of women in resistance in Palestinian societies, the politics of masculinity and LGTBQ+ politics. Read more about Gender and sexuality.

Governance, complexity and resilience

CSD is shaping critical and policy debates on how complexity and resilience can be governed. Read more about Governance, complexity and resilience.

Post-colonial politics, development and emerging powers

CSD undertakes research that engages critically with challenges and developments in the Global South. Read more about Post-colonial politics, development and emerging powers.

Security, violence and justice

This research group adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the meaning and practices of these concepts. Read more about Security, violence and justice.

Social and cultural lives

This research theme explores collective spaces, relationships and communication. Read more about Social and cultural lives.