The European Architectural History Network (EAHN) mission is to support research and education by providing a public forum for the dissemination of knowledge about the histories of architecture. Based in Europe, it serves architectural historians and scholars in allied fields without restriction on their areas of study. The network seeks to overcome limitations imposed by national boundaries and institutional conventions through pursuit of the following aims:

  • increasing the visibility of the discipline among scholars and the public by promoting scholarly excellence and innovation
  • fostering inclusive, transnational, interdisciplinary, and multicultural approaches to the history of the built environment
  • encouraging communication among the disciplines that study space
  • facilitating the open exchange of research results
  • providing a clearinghouse for information related to the discipline

In order to achieve these aims, the main activities of the EAHN include publishing a new open-access peer reviewed journal, hosting a website, organising a bi-annual conference, and hosting six thematic groups which act as a focus for scholarly exchange within the Network.

Full details about the Network (mission statement; structure; by-laws; etc) are available on the EAHN website.

Dr Davide Deriu of the University of Westminster has been a member of the EAHN Committee since 2010, focusing on developing the Network’s publication strategy through a new peer-reviewed Open Access journal, Architectural Histories, and a 2.0 web platform.

In 2011 Deriu was involved in preparing the bid that allowed EAHN to start up its journal in partnership with the UK-based publisher, Ubiquity Press. In 2012, the EAHN team was awarded an Incentive Fund for Open Access Journals (€45k) by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) to establish Architectural Histories. Deriu has been a member of the journal’s Editorial Board since its inception.