Within the Department of Engineering the Applied DSP and VLSI Research Group (ADVRG) was established in the late eighties and has a long standing industry facing applied research and development track record for systems and sub-systems that found and continues to find use in cutting edge commercial products in the Communications, Electronics, Positioning (GNSS), Space (satellite payloads) and Biomedical non-invasive diagnosis instrumentation sectors, having innovative, competitive, complexity reduced, low-power custom/FPGA integrated, as well as board level and software, analogue, RF, digital and mixed signal solutions, for clients from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Japan, enjoying worldwide leadership and recognition in the design implementation and delivery of state of the art solutions for real-life problems and products.

The group acts as a focus for research and industrial interaction, with signal processing, and embedded custom as well as FPGA based analogue/digital solutions being the core activities that support the application areas above. The group’s work has traditionally been supported and funded by Industrial research and development contracts as well as National Research Council, European Research Agency, and European Space Agency projects.

Group Director: Professor Izzet Kale

You can learn more about the ADVRG on our website.