Research Centre for Optimal Health

Decades of research have shown that at the core of many non-inheritable diseases and conditions (obesity, diabetes, some forms of cancer and accelerated ageing) is the inability of an individual to adequately respond to environmental challenges. The Research Centre for Optimal Health (ReCOH) was established to convert the language of science into practical solutions to achieve and maintain Optimal Health throughout adult life.
The research priorities of the ReCOH will focus on the root causes of mitochondrial dysfunction, systemic oxidative-stress and inflammation and the role of hormesis in their resolution. The work will extend from the study of single molecules through to detailed analysis of human physiology. 

Health as the absence of disease will no longer be the default option for adult life. Through the combination of basic science, clinical research and targeted algorithms we should be able to achieve a natural state where cells and organs are at their optimal metabolic and physiological capacity, ensuring functional cognitive and physical longevity.


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