The two events, part of this year’s Global Sessions series, were held in Mumbai to showcase the University’s expertise to business and industry representatives, Ministries and alumni.


The sessions are a series of ‘conversations’ taking place throughout the academic year in cities around the world where the University of Westminster is active. The theme for this year’s Global Sessions series is Urban Resilience.

Targeting audiences of local employers, business and industry representatives, the Global Sessions are organised to showcase research and practitioner expertise at the University and to promote the programmes offered. 

The first event entitled ‘Challenge and Change: Boardroom Driven Opportunities to Enable Resilient Enterprise’ was jointly organised with the Institute of Directors (IOD) and supported by NMIMS University. Westminster colleagues were joined by the Vice Chancellor of NMIMS University Dr Rajan Saxena, who gave a welcome address, and Chairman of IOD Western Region Shailesh Haribhakti, who spoke on ‘The Role of Future Boards in the Development of Sustainable Economic Growth’.

The second event was jointly organised with the University’s longstanding partner, the Indian School of Management & Entrepreneurship (ISME). Westminster colleagues were joined by ISME Associate Dean Dr Sonia Bharwani, who gave a welcome address, and ISME Programme Director of Interior Design Professor Meenal Sutaria, who spoke on ‘Transforming Urban Experiences: Resilience to Regeneration – A Question in Circular Design’.

Speakers from the University of Westminster who are participating in the Global Sessions include Professor Stephen Brookhouse on ‘Global Challenges: Designing, Constructing & Connecting Our Urban Environments in a Changing, Warming World’, Professor Brendon Noble on ‘Innovative Life Sciences Solutions to Urban Resilience Problems: Competing in a Global Market Place’ and Professor Harry Thapar on ‘Sustainable Finance and ESG: Investing in the Age of Fintech and Big Data’.

The next Westminster Global Sessions events will be held in April in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

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