Simon Richardson, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management, has written an article for Employee Benefits about the value of benefits to staff. 


Richardson has written the article about how employers can make their employees value hidden assets such as pension statements as much as their money, in order to maintain motivation and loyalty. 

He wrote: “The way in which employers can identify the benefits employees think they need is usually through a combination of analysis of online engagement surveys, as well as the interpretation of external factors such as generational preferences.

“Employee surveys not only gauge engagement, but also determine the workforce’s perception of the benefits offering itself. This can vary significantly in different countries; US medical care, for example, does not have the safety net of the NHS, while European benefits have far more obligatory content than the UK or Switzerland. How would an employee compare shared parental pay in the UK and Sweden? How can global consistency and equity be maintained across international borders?”

Read the full article on the Employee Benefits website.

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