Professor Dibyesh Anand, Professor on the History and Politics BA Honours course, has been quoted in an article by The Times of India about the reputation of China and India as a result of casualties caused by their border issue.


Along with an undisclosed number of Chinese casualties, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a conflict at the two countries’ border. While both country’s governments have shown interest in de-escalation, experts have said that China has often adopted stalling tactics on the border issue and is in no hurry to resolve it. 

Professor Anand said that China’s reputation among the Indians was damaged by the unresolved border issue and Beijing’s condescension. 

He added: “A key factor from the Chinese perspective is the idea of being ‘the big brother’, the only emerging power, while from India’s side it is the idea of being recognised and respected as equal to China by the international community.”

Read the full article on The Times of India website.

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