Law student Alexandre Mahe has set up his new business venture Sküma, a countertop device that transforms tap or impure water into mineral water.

Alexandre Mahe stood next to Skuma water purifying device

The Sküma device is unique in its ability to use tap water from any country and transform it into mineral water, with the same mineral competition as major bottled water brands such as Evian and Volvic. The brand is set to launch in 2021 in the UK and then expand to countries where tap water cannot be consumed such as the Middle East and Western Asia in 2022, with the mission to eliminate the bottled water industry and help to reduce single-use plastic.

Talking about what advice he would give to someone thinking of pursuing a similar career to himself, Alexandre said to focus on your craft and be disciplined in the pursuit of your goals. He added: “The University of Westminster provides you with all the tools and courses you need to succeed, regardless of which industry you are in. Being surrounded with like-minded people at university is also a great way of meeting your co-founder or simply brainstorming your ideas with your peers.”

He also highlighted how the skills he has learned on his course have helped to shape his career, and said: “The International and Commercial Dispute Resolution LLM course not only teaches you the relevant theory but will provide you with an exceptional understanding of the practical implications of disputes. This understanding is essential for anyone looking to start their own company and disrupt an established industry.

“These skills should not only be limited to lawyers, but I believe every professional must develop a good understanding of what elements can be a source of conflict, and how to resolve potential disputes. Those analytical skills will not only be useful for your degree but will shape your understanding of the world for the rest of your life.”

Reflecting on his time at Westminster, Alexandre said that being an engineer studying Law was a challenge, but Westminster opened up a valuable opportunity for him to expand his studies. He said: “The University of Westminster is a place where opportunity and all the tools needed are offered to students and young professionals. The support received from the University gave me the confidence needed for starting my company and I couldn’t not recommend it enough.”

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