You'll get your University ID card when you enrol and it'll remain valid until you complete your studies.

You'll need to use your card to swipe into your timetabled classes – just touch your card to the reader/s to record your attendance. More information about attendance monitoring, why it's important and how you can check your attendance record is on our Student Engagement and Attendance page.

Make sure that you carry your card with you at all times around the University and do not let anyone else use your card.

You'll also need your ID card to:

  • access University buildings
  • borrow library books
  • use the University's printing and photocopying facilities
  • vote in elections for the University's Students' Union
  • join the University's sports and recreation facilities

Lost ID cards

If you lose your ID card, you'll need to pay a £10 fee for a replacement card.

To get a new card, you'll need to:

Stolen ID cards

If your ID card has been stolen and you can provide a crime reference number issued by the police, a new card will be issued free of charge.

Problems with your ID card

If you're having any problems with your ID card,  just speak to your registry office.