Eduroam WiFi

Eduroam is a secure wireless service that is available across our campuses, as well as at most other UK universities. It's our preferred wireless connection here and gives you free access to the Internet from your laptop or other mobile device.

Read more about the service at the eduroam website.

Before you use the service, read the:

How to connect

Before you start using the service, read through Section 13 of our ICT Acceptable Use Policy.

To connect to eduroam, you'll need to:

  1. open the wireless settings on your laptop, tablet or mobile device
  2. select 'eduroam' from the list of available wireless networks
  3. when prompted, enter [your username] followed by your password
  4. open your browser to access the internet

Windows 7, 8 and 10 users

If you want to set up your connection manually, read our instructions on setting up eduroam below.

If you have any problems connecting to eduroam, please contact the Service Desk.

Connecting to eduroam at other universities

If you visit another university that uses eduroam wifi, you'll be able to connect to the service with your University of Westminster username and password.

You must connect using your full Westminster ID, e.g. [email protected]