Westminster Business School (WBS) has partnered with ITN Productions Industry News, ITN’s bespoke production hub, and the Chartered Association of Business Schools (Chartered ABS), to create a video for their new series entitled ‘Business Schools for Good’.

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Credit: ITN Productions, Chartered ABS

The series explores the notable contribution that UK business schools deliver through their pioneering research, teaching, and engagement for the benefit of society. Westminster Business School was invited to take part in the series to discuss the School’s exemplary initiatives and contributions to public good. The video is based on interviews with staff and students, hosted by journalist Donna Bernard.

The video particularly focuses on the Mentoring Schemes that WBS offers and the contribution that Mentoring makes to a range of different communities. Mentoring is provided by alumni to students to guide them on their academic journey and career choices, as well as by current students to local sixth formers to guide them on their university and study choices. Mentoring is also provided by WBS academic staff to business managers in the local community, where advice might be needed to improve business performance. 

Westminster Working Cultures is also highlighted as an impactful programme, in which students benefit from the opportunity to travel to other countries to meet business leaders working in very different employment markets. The video also champions the diverse student population and inclusivity of Westminster Business School, noting the high proportion of students from different national and cultural backgrounds, and the high proportion of student who are the first in their family to come to University.

The video highlights the University’s recent achievement of the Social Enterprise Mark, and how Westminster is the first university in London to be awarded the prestigious Social Enterprise Mark. Talking about the highly-regarded award, Professor Malcolm Kirkup, Head of WBS, said: “It’s an external accreditation of our efforts, not just as a social enterprise in terms of our governance, our financial transparency, our ethics and our values, but also the social impact we have through the activities that we deliver.”

Many current students and graduates commended the University for its work to support students, particularly within the Mentoring scheme. Talking about the benefits of the scheme, alumna Mariia Kogan said: “Students are finding a job much quicker, and more importantly they are understanding much better who they are, what they want to do and how they want to do that, so the Career Mentoring scheme is something that can be really life changing for every student.”

Stephanie Coelho, International Business BA Honours student, added: “The thing with Westminster is it’s not only about you getting your degree after your three or four years of University, it’s about not only your professional skills but your personal skills.” 

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