Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3

LocationCavendish, Central London
FacultyScience and Technology

HTML5 and CSS3 are the new upcoming standards for creating powerful and rich web applications in a standards-compliant way. They have gained wide acceptance already, and are an exciting development for building websites and web applications that are cross-platform and device-capable.

This one-day workshop gives you a good understanding of HTML5 and CSS3 and looks at issues such as search engine optimisation, accessibility, and current browser and device support.

The course is designed around a microsite case study, which will give you the opportunity to practise your skills and experiment with coding.

Who is this course for?

The course is suitable for anyone who writes HTML code or is involved in projects where the new standards are used, such as web editors, designers and marketers.

You will have the opportunity to update your knowledge in the latest HTML and CSS standards. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS are required.

No course dates available
This course will be running soon. If you would like to be kept informed please contact us.

Course content

The course will cover:


  • HTML basics
  • HTML5 and structuring content
  • mark-up for media: video and audio
  • accessibility improvements: HTML 5 and ARIA roles
  • overview of HTML5 and related technologies: APIs, JavaScript and Microdata


  • CSS basics
  • CSS3 selectors
  • CSS3 properties: transformations, transitions and effects

Working with current browser implementations

  • coding for webkit (Safari, Chrome, Opera), Mozilla, and IE (9 and 10)
  • HTML5 validators
  • authoring tools
  • useful JavaScript libraries (jQuery, Zepto, LESS)

By the end of the course you will:

  • understand the significance and power of HTML5 and CSS3 and their main features
  • understand the tools and techniques used to build HTML5/CSS3 websites and applications in a world where a significant proportion of browsers have difficulties interpreting HTML5 and CSS3
  • get a good overview of further related technologies

Mohammed Jadka

Mohammed has been working as a coder in London for over 8 years and has been involved in building and supporting a number of websites and web applications for various organisations. He has worked for web development agencies, digital agencies, government agencies and publishing companies. Being an all-round developer, he has worked with a range of back-end server technologies, from ColdFusion, Java, .NET and PHP that all interfaced with HTML, JavaScript and CSS front-end technologies. He is currently working for a start-up in the Silicon Roundabout/Tech City, helping develop the user interface for their soon-to-be-launched cloud-based web applications.

Maria Margeti

Maria is a lecturer at the University of Westminster, teaching mark-up languages and web design since 1999. She has a particular interest on the way and the reasons behind the evolvement of mark-up languages, such as HTML, and how the web standards can fulfill the current needs of the web industry.