Security, violence and international relations

The long-established Security and International Relations Programme (SIRP) undertakes theoretical and empirical research into key contemporary issues and developments in critical security studies. The programme is well-known for its contributions in intellectual and policy debates over intervention, statebuilding and the responsibility to protect agenda. 

The political climate of post 9/11 and the ‘war on terror’ has seen the renaissance of critical security studies, bringing together political theorists and international relations scholars. In particular, we are concerned with examining how ‘security’ operates as an epistemic category and how it plays a decisive role in structuring state conduct within the international arena. This has generated theoretical and empirical research on irregular warfare, terrorism, the use of rendition, secret detention, torture and the intersection between migration and security.

There is long-standing interest in historical, philosophical and political research on questions related to the nature of the ‘liberal peace’ and to just war.

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