Resilience and sustainability

CSD is shaping both critical and policy debates on resilience and sustainability, recognising the need to challenge the ways in which these terms have often been incorporated into established practices of contemporary governance. Of particular interest is the idea that we are entering the Anthropocene, in which geologically significant conditions and processes have been profoundly altered by human activities.

The Centre focuses critical attention on the concept of resilience and the central role it has acquired in policy frameworks dealing with developmental, social, economic, security and environmental problems in ways that clearly cross traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Environmental change represents one of the most pressing challenges for contemporary democracies. CSD has particular interest in the extent to which the human subject and our political institutions are capable of responding effectively to pressing and complex problems such as climate change, and how their capacity and resilience can be enhanced. 

The Centre has expertise in aspects of sustainability, sustainable development and energy and resource security. Research focuses on a range of geographical scales and locations, including the city, multi-level governance and emerging powers.

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