Identity and political community

The analysis of identity and political community is approached from a variety of critical perspectives within CSD, with particular attention to the experience of the marginalised, minoritised, occupied and suppressed. There is a growing focus on studying the intersectionality between gender, sexuality, nationality and others forms of identity as well as the politics of popular culture.

CSD has particular expertise in the analysis of how the post-colonial subject is shaped by regimes of governance, the impact of borders and claims of sovereignty. Since 1990, there has been a flourishing programme on Islam and Democracy which seeks to deepen understanding of democratic politics (or their absence) in Muslim countries and of participation in democratic politics of Muslim minorities elsewhere. 

A significant emerging area of work within the university, coordinated by CSD, is on the study of gender, sexuality and race. Our research in this area covers diverse topics including the role of women in resistance in Palestinian societies, gendered violence in Kashmir, and the politics of masculinity and white privilege in South Africa. 

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