Laboratories – science, sport and health

Specialist laboratories available for hire in central London

Following a recent £1.6m refurbishment, the University of Westminster’s life sciences laboratories are filled with state-of-the art imaging and analytical equipment. These specialist laboratories and their technical equipment can be hired by individuals and organisations.

Wet and dry teaching laboratories are available for practical experiments in the areas of molecular biology, microscopy, microbiology, histology, chemistry, biochemistry, fermentation, analytical techniques, cell culture, bodyworks and human performance. A team of experienced technicians are also on hand to support your activities.

Full business services are available including short courses, bespoke training and health screening services.

Facilities and equipment

The Analytical Instrumentation Suite is a state-of-the-art, well-equipped laboratory that supports both teaching and research across many different disciplines such as chemical, biological, biomedical and environmental sciences. Equipment available for hire includes a gas chromatograph with flame ionisation detector, high performance liquid chromatography (equipped with UV, PDA, MSQ, fluorescence, evaporative light scattering and electrochemical detectors), spectrometer (absorbance and luminescence), multi-detection microplate reader, bio-imaging system, gamma and scintillation counters. The facility has a dedicated technician to support students, researchers and others accessing these instruments.

Our Fermentation Laboratory is one of our flagship laboratories. It supports both teaching and research activities in the areas of mechanical engineering and applied bio-processing. The laboratory is equipped with four 2L bench scale, four 20L laboratory scale bioreactors and a 72L pilot plant. Off gas analysis is facilitated by oxygen and carbon dioxide analysers. There is a tubular bowl centrifuge for downstream processing.  A state-of-the-art supervisory computer system allows monitoring and control of fermentation parameters. The facility has a dedicated technician to provide fermentation advice and expertise and training (including laboratory safety and inductions).

A Biochemistry Laboratory is available for biochemical analysis. The laboratory can accommodate up to 100 students/people and has 11 large working benches with water and gas connections. It is well equipped with four dedicated fume cupboards, centrifuges, spectrophotometers, water baths and purification systems, hot plates, ovens, refrigerators, electronic analytical balances, pH meters, glass and plastic apparatus and chemicals needed to run large practical teaching modules. The laboratory is serviced by experienced technicians who can provide advice and expertise for experimental design and laboratory diagnostics.

The Microbiology Laboratory is home to high quality Zeiss light microscopes and a camera microscope which can display images from slides on plasma screens placed around the laboratory. A PCR gel imaging system, cytospin, ELISA, plate readers and a fluorescence microscope are amongst the other specialised equipment that are available for hire in this laboratory. The laboratory can accommodate up to 100 people. It is well serviced and activities are supported by technicians with a wealth of knowledge and skills in the life sciences.

The Human Performance Laboratory is our main research and consultancy lab within the Department of Human and Health Sciences. It contains a state-of-the-art treadmill, sophisticated cycle ergometers and gas analysis system used for measuring performance of athletes and the general public. The lab is available for health screening and sports testing on a consultancy basis; health and fitness are assessed via tests such as blood cholesterol, blood pressure, lung function, VO2 max and lactate threshold.

The Sport and Exercise Laboratory facilitates specialist teaching.  Its uses vary from taking anthropometric measurements to investigating the effect of a sports drink on blood glucose. The lab has a treadmill, cycle and rowing ergometers, gas analysis systems, as well as equipment to test strength and power, flexibility, lung function and speed/acceleration.

The Bodyworks Laboratory is our main dedicated therapy teaching practical room that facilities learning teaching in the following specialist areas: acupuncture, Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, naturopathy, therapeutic massage and yoga.  It is equipped with hydraulic and portable couches. Individual rooms, or entire studios, are available for hire by complementary medicine practitioners.


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