Fitness services

The University of Westminster in central London has a team of qualified sports scientists available to give comprehensive advice on all aspects of fitness, exercise performance training. Our health and fitness services are suitable for amateur through to elite/professional sports men and women looking to better their performance.

What we do

There are three main physiological components of endurance performance:

  • A high maximal aerobic capacity (high VO2 max)
  • Being able to sustain a high percentage of your max without accumulating lactate (high lactate threshold)
  • Being efficient in transferring power to the pedals or stride with little wasted energy (economy)

Our central London team will take you through your paces in our high tech facilities, helping to identify where – and how – you can extend these three components of peak performance.

Services available Description Cost
V02 Max Measure your aerobic capacity £130
Lactate Lactate Threshold Test £165
Fitness Standard Fitness Assessment £200
Energy Substate utilisation and energy expenditure £140

Contact us

To find out more, please contact:

Dr Michael Newell 
E: [email protected]