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I obtained my PhD from University of Kent (UK) where I studied the role of category salience in imagined intergroup contact. I then worked at the Middle East Technical University (Northern Cyprus) as a lecturer in Social and Organisational Psychology. I joined the Department of Psychology at the University of Westminster in 2016 where I am the module leader for the Level 4 ‘Social Psychology’ module.


I am the module leader for the Level 4 ‘Social Psychology’ module. I also contribute to teaching on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Some of the modules I teach on include; ‘Self and Society; Applications from Social and Developmental Psychology’, ‘Understanding Psychological Diversity’, ‘Psychology of Prejudice’ and ‘Social Psychology and Conceptual Issues in Psychology’.


I am interested in the broad field of group processes and intergroup relations. My research has focused on developing and evaluating interventions to reduce prejudice and discrimination across various social settings including; ethnic groups in Cyprus, and religious groups in the United States.


Another line of my work focuses on the social psychology of deviance. My research in this area has examined how people are guided with social norms and in particularly how they react to individuals who violate these norms.


Finally, I am interested in the social psychology of attachment. My research has examined how attachment insecurity can interfere with the experience, expression, and benefits of positive emotions, across individualistic and collectivist cultural domains.


I would welcome applications from potential doctoral students in these areas.