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I am an artist who works with photography, video, sound and interactive digital media. I originally studied fine art (painting), but am now primarily interested in photography, video and sound installation. My projects usually require a long period of research, and are often collaborative, transgressing the boundaries between science and art. Since creating the award-winning After Image (portrait photographs made with people who experience phantom limbs, funded by The Wellcome Trust, 1997) I have regularly worked with people affected by disabilities, life-changing medical conditions and, more recently, mental health issues. In 2012, funded by an AHRC Fellowship, I made photographic portraits with people who experience psychosis. Since 2007 I have participated in an interdisciplinary study into the psycho-social effects of heart transplant led by cardiologist, Dr heather Ross at Toronto General Hospital. In response to this scientific research, I created the interactive audio installation, 'Heart of the Matter', (2014). My latest artwork is 'Piecing it Together', a participatory project involving people with mental health difficulties.

My single authored book, Monstrosity: the Human Monster in Visual Culture, was published by IB Tauris in June, 2013. While my research is interdisciplinary and is expressed in a variety of forms, the theme of human identity is key to all the different projects.

I joined the University of Westminster in 1999. Until 2011 I held two separate posts at the University, firstly as a Researcher and then as Senior Lecturer in the Photography department at Harrow, and simultaneously Senior Lecturer in the department of English Linguistics and Cultural Studies. I am currently a Reader (0.5FTE) in this department. The remainder of the time I am a practicing artist.

Artists International Development Fund

Shared with collaborating artists for Hybrid Bodies exhibition in Leipzig

Arts Council, Grants for the Arts

To support Camden and Islington Residency

AHRC Research Fellowship

To enable research and production of A View From Inside

Gulbenkian Foundation Award for Art/Science Projects


Wellcome Trust Large Arts Grant

Funded production of Conversation Piece installation

AHRC Small Grant

Funded production of Opera Interna photographs

Wellcome Trust Impact Award

Funded production of Alter Ego installation

From September 1999 to November 2011 I was one of the key teaching staff on the MA Photographic Studies in the department of Media Art and Design. Since 2000 I have also been a core member of the teaching team for the current MA Art & Visual Culture, and have designed several modules for this course.  I also teach on the MA Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture, as well as on some undergraduate courses. On the MA Museums Galleries and Contemporary Culture I am module leader for Exhibiting Photography in the first semester and on the MA Art & Visual Culture I am module leader for Interpreting Space in the second semester. I also lead the Undergraduate module, Photography in London, in both semesters.

Exhibiting Photography is designed to give students a first-hand understanding of the way that contemporary galleries and museums present work through their public programmes of exhibitions, learning activities and events. It looks at a broad range of different curatorial strategies for exhibiting photography, both within institutions and in more public spaces. The module also looks at the way that the photographic image is collected, in both the public and private sectors.

In Interpreting Space we study the way that various forms of space are used and investigate how spaces are represented visually. We study the impact of a range of different types of spaces, including particular architectural and urban sites, public and private spaces and non-places. The module presents a range of theoretical and visual interpretations of these various types of space and examines the relationship between space and place. We also study the historical and social production of spaces and places, and examine some of the ways in which space is assigned meaning. The module aims to encourage students to make connections between the various types of space discussed within the context of visual culture.

Photography in London is a Study Abroad module that aims to give students from different backgrounds and disciplines a culturally specific yet broad understanding of the language of photography.

I welcome relevant PhD proposals, particularly those that are practice-led.

I work with photography, video, sound and interactive digital media to investigate the way that human identities are constructed. My projects usually require a long period of research, often involving collaborations with scientists or people with disabilities, or specific medical conditions. The resulting works aim to challenge expectations, sometimes undermining conventional disciplinary boundaries. One important and innovative aspect of all my work is the way that it encourages the viewer or listener to reflect on his or her own point of view. For example, in the computer installation Alter Ego (2005), which is a kind of virtual mirror, people literally see themselves. The most recent interactive installation, Conversation Piece (2009) reflects on the way that we (humans) communicate by giving the user the sense that he or she is entering into an intimate dialogue with an invisible virtual character. The photographic and video works, such as the digitally manipulated photographic self-portraits with disabilities, 'I' (1999) or the video installation Cover Story (2009), which explores the effects of facial deformity, also provoke viewers to become aware of the mechanisms we use to relate to human difference. Since the mid-1990s I have successfully raised and managed a substantial amount of research funding I have recruited and project-managed interdisciplinary teams working on several large projects. In relation to each of the large-scale projects I have undertaken I have conducted extensive literature searches and established links with other academic institutions, both nationally and internationally, and have presented my research at conferences internationally. I have successfully managed research budgets of up to £100,000. I have assisted and advised students and recent graduates to write successful project proposals and funding applications. I have been a regular referee for the Wellcome Trust Arts Awards, and have also been a referee for the AHRC.

My artwork has been shown widely, both nationally and internationally. Venues include: the International Women Artists' Biennale, Incheon, Korea; SESI Art Gallery, Sao Paolo, Brazil; Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, Centro the Historia, Zaragoza, Spain; Compton Vernay, Warwickshire; BM Suma Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey; Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast; 21_21 Design Sight Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. An animated image from my recent series of photographs, 'A View From Inside' was part of the inaugural exhibition, Born in 1987: the Animated Gif on The Wall at the Photographers Gallery, London, 2012. Part of the series was also included in Digital Aesthetic 3 at the Harris Museum, Preston in 2012. In 2013 this work won an Honorable Mention at the Archisle Open photography competition in Jersey.

I am currently part of an interdisciplinary team of researchers based at University of Toronto studying the psychosocial effects of heart transplant. The results of this project were first shown at the PHI Centre in Montreal in January 2014. 

At Westminster, I am part of the CREAM research group, which brings together the disciplines of ceramics, visual arts, photography, film, experimental media, music and fashion. CREAM runs a lively programme of seminars and visiting speakers, and has organised ground-breaking conferences and symposia in collaboration with other institutions. I am also a member of the trans-disciplinary, inter-Faculty research cluster, De-Centre.



Phantom Limb (2016)
Wright, A. 2016. Phantom Limb. Victoria Museum and Gallery, Liverpool
Hybrid Bodies (2016)
Wright, A. 2016. Hybrid Bodies. Kunstkraftwerk, Leipzig, Germany


A view from inside: portraying the experience of psychosis (2012)
Wright, A. 2012. A view from inside: portraying the experience of psychosis. Harris Gallery, Preston


Cover story (2010)
Wright, A. 2010. Cover story. DaDaFest International, St George, Liverpool
Alter Ego (2010)
Wright, A. 2010. Alter Ego. Kreuzberg, Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
After Image (2010)
Wright, A. 2010. After Image. 21_21 Design Sight Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


Conversation Piece (2009)
Wright, A., Linney, A. and Lincoln, M. 2009. Conversation Piece. Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast
Out of Order (2009)
Wright, A. 2009. Out of Order. London Gallery West, University of Westminster, Harrow,


Alter ego (2008)
Wright, A. and Linney, A. 2008. Alter ego. BM Suma Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
Opera interna (2008)
Wright, A. 2008. Opera interna. Centro the Historia , Zaragoza, Spain
Cover story (2008)
Wright, A. 2008. Cover story. Bow Arts Trust, London


Conversation piece: a speech-based interactive art installation (2007)
Wright, A., Linney, A., Evans, A. and Lincoln, M. 2007. Conversation piece: a speech-based interactive art installation. Augsburg, Germany
Alter Ego (2007)
Wright, A. and Linney, A. 2007. Alter Ego. SESI Art Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Opera interna: first act (2007)
Wright, A. 2007. Opera interna: first act. Incheon Multicultural Centre, Korea
'I' (2007)
Wright, A. 2007. 'I'. National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh


Cover story (2006)
Wright, A. 2006. Cover story. The Forum, Norwich


Seeing Things As They Are : Visual Narratives of Embodied Experience (2016)
Wright, A. 2016. Seeing Things As They Are : Visual Narratives of Embodied Experience. Disability, Arts and Health Conference. University of Bergen, Norway 01 to end of 02 Sep 2016
Hybrid Bodies (2016)
Wright, A. 2016. Hybrid Bodies. Silent Signal. University of Derby, Derby 26 Feb 2017


Semblance and resemblance: the face in art and medicine (2007)
Wright, A. and Clarke, A. 2007. Semblance and resemblance: the face in art and medicine. Intersections of Life and Death: Artistic and Philosophical Representations of Organ Donation and Transplantation Conference. University of Toronto 26 - 27 Apr 2007
Interactivity and identification: alter ego and conversation piece (2007)
Wright, A. 2007. Interactivity and identification: alter ego and conversation piece. FILE Symposium. SESI Arts Centre, Sao Paolo, Brazil 14 - 17 Aug 2007
Interactivity and identification: a discussion of conversation piece and other recent works (2007)
Wright, A. 2007. Interactivity and identification: a discussion of conversation piece and other recent works. Healthcare, Technology and Place Conference. University of Toronto 03 - 04 May 2007


Heart of the Matter (2014)
Wright, A. 2014. Heart of the Matter. London


Monstrosity: the human monster in visual culture (2013)
Wright, A. 2013. Monstrosity: the human monster in visual culture. London I.B. Taurus.


A View From Inside (2012)
Wright, A. 2012. A View From Inside. London White Card.


Intimate strangers (2003)
Wright, A. 2003. Intimate strangers. London, UK CARTE, University of Westminster.


At the edge of my-self (2003)
Wright, A. 2003. At the edge of my-self. Digital Creativity. 14 (3), pp. 139-143.


'I' (2001)
Wright, A. 2001. 'I'. Public Culture: society for transnational cultural studies. 13 (3), pp. 506-510.


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