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I am Assistant Head of the Westminster School of Media and Communication and a Reader in Media and Communication. I joined the University of Westminster in 2020, having previously worked at the University of Leicester (2008-2020) and Institute of Education, University of London (2007-2008). I have a PhD in Education from the Institute of Education, MA in Media Studies, MRes in Educational and Social Research, and BA (Hons) in Film and American Studies. My research focuses on ethics, qualitative research method, and the study of media audiences and online fan communities. 


I am Course Leader for the BA Digital Media. I have taught a range of subjects relating to research methods, research ethics, audience research, digital cultures and celebrity and fan studies. I welcome proposals from prospective PhD students interested in the study of contemporary audiences, online fandom, videogame cultures, and digital ethics.  


I am the author of Diagramming the Social: Relational Method in Research (with Russell Dudley-Smith) (Routledge, 2020) and Undoing Ethics: Rethinking Practice in Online Research (Springer, 2012). I have published in journals including Qualitative ResearchConvergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, British Educational Research Journal and Forum: Qualitative Social Research