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Neal White was appointed as an Interdisciplinary Professor in 2016. He works across the College of Design, Creative and Digital Industries, acts as the School Research Lead at Westminster School of Arts and Co-Directs CREAM: Centre for Research and Education in Art and Media, with Professor May Adadol Ingawanij.

Neal White currently leads Deep Field Projects, an entity focused on the study of landscapes and discourse of science and technology of interest in contemporary arts practice. Drawing on the material landscape through fieldwork, and research published across disciplines such as geography, physics, computer science, the deep field is concerned with how advanced research practices in art develop new knowledge of their subjects. There are currently between 6-7 graduate researchers (PhD) exploring the deep field based in the research studio. They are working in areas ranging from temporality and diffraction in physics, to data driven aesthetics and public engagement with disinformation.  

As an Interdisciplinary Chair, Neal White continues to research and practice, working both internally and Internationally in his own capacity as a researcher. At Westminster, he has convened many events with Arts Catalyst. This has included chairing discussions with Julie Martin (Director -EAT) and Barbara Steveni (Artist Placement Group), Proving Grounds with keynote Kathelin Gray (Biosphere 2), to EarthLab: with keynotes Tomas Saraceno and Bronislaw Szerszynski,, Assembly:Test Sites (International speakers), and Ex-Art with Shezad Dawood and Charles Lim and most recently, he co-convened Extractable Matters that brought together artists, academics, activists and human rights experts to collectively explore the politics of extraction across the globe and the role that its operations play on environmental, ecopolitical and societal levels. 

Neal White is currently working on a project with curators across CREAM that he has initiated - Ecological Futurisms, with Monsoon Assemblages ( in our School of Architecture, and is working alongside Stefanie Hessler - Visiting scholar at CREAM based at Konsthalle in Trondheim, amongst other research projects in development in the USA and Europe.

He is a regular reviewer for the Peer review College of AHRC/UKRI.


Neal White is currently supervising PhD students within CREAM whose practice led research covers subjects ranging from the cultural implications of the Gig Economy through to the artistic interpretation of landscape laboratories and geo-experimental facilities.

His primary supervision at the Media School at Bournemouth University covered PhD and DEng in areas ranging from 3D Printing/Fine Art practice, through to Participatory Design/FLOSS. He has supervised many students to completion and examined externally PhDs and MPhil (Holland). 

White taught for many years across Fine Art, Digital Media and Contemporary Media practice, and he continues to lecture and supervise Dissertations on Undergraduate course in Westminster School of Arts.


My research draws on the development of open forms of experimental inquiry and artistic practices as they engage with existing or emerging bodies of knowledge. Key to this research is the interest to expand or open up methodological approaches to a broader knowledge landscape through the development of epistemic things (artworks, papers, methods and systems). This approach to a super connected knowledge landscape includes understanding how and where new technologies emerge, the ethical landscape of science, the development of social and collective practices in art, archives and other concealed infrastructures. 

My research therefore engages with the critical and interdisciplinary research of subjects, ranging from GM mosquitos to climate data, as well as intuitive forms of knowledge making grounded in post-conceptual strategies in art. Such research requires a broad range of outputs across different media that includes both the verbal idiom; published works, lectures etc, and non verbal - experimental fieldwork (spatial and temporal), databases, sensory installations and artefacts. 

In order to expand the field and nature of the inquiries in which I work, I the lead of Office of Experiments (founded in 2014) that is aimed to allow artistic practices to network with range of knowledges drawn from the intergenerational work of enthusiasts, amateurs and activists whose passion and love for their subjects lies beyond the institutional framing of knowledge.

Most recently I have established Deep Field Projects, based in Westminster School of Arts, that supports a range of PhD and interdisciplinary projects across the University.

As a research leader, I coordinate our Research Excellence activity, with input into the development of CREAM, a substantial research leader in Art and Design in the UK. I work with a broad range of academic researchers who specialise in practice based research and produce world leading research that includes work in the areas of; Art and Society, Film and Media, Fashion and Music and Photography.


For details of all my research outputs, visit my WestminsterResearch profile.