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I retired from the British Army in 2006 having spent the final eight years of my 16 year career focusing on defence language training policy and quality assurance of language training. From 2006 to 2014 I was employed as a senior lecturer at the University of Westminster teaching undergraduates (academic English and the final year Bilingual Project) and working on a range of language testing projects and short language courses. Since 2014 I have focused on Academic Enterprise both within the Westminster Professional Language Centre and the Faculty. 


Whilst working in a secondary school I taught French and German from beginner to A level. During my career in the Army I taught German, communication skills, maths, current affairs and management. Since joining the University of Westminster I have taught two modules on the MA in International Liaison (Military Institutions and Military Leadership and Management)  modules in English writing proficiency and the final year Bilingual Project. I am currently designing and then delivering the Professional Knowledge and Skills module for the Degree Apprentices which starts in summer 2018. 


My current research is into computer-adaptive language testing across a range of languages.