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Academic qualifications

  • BSc Applied Physics (Liverpool)
  • MSc Advanced Software Engineering (Westminster),
  • PhD Electronic and Electrical Engineering (UCL)

Industrial and commercial experience

9 years as a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London, in the Optical and Electronic Devices and the Computer Modelling Groups.

GEC-Marconi (Research Scientist): development of optical communication systems and high-speed analogue amplifiers.

Alcatel Submarine Networks (Software Designer): development of a CORBA implementation of the Network Management Layer for the submarine terminal software. Also undertaken media for BBC Radio and for BBC Worldwide.


Departmental responsibilities

Course Leader

  • Mobile and Wireless Computing

Module Leader

  • 3SFE412 Introduction to Mobile Computing
  • 3SFE541 C# and .NET Framework Programming
  • 3MOB7A4 Compact Framework and .NET Framework Programming
  • 3MOB7A1 Introduction to Mobile Computing
  • 3MOB7A8 Native Application Development
  • 3MTS690 Mobile Gaming


  • 3SFE407
  • Cluster coordinator for the Computer Science and Software Engineering Cluster


Research interests

Leader of Mobile and Wireless Computing Research Group. Interest in Mobile ad-hoc networks and mobile agents. Also involved in 3D finite element modelling of biological systems. Actively involved in Teaching and Learning activities.


For details of all my research outputs, visit my WestminsterResearch profile.