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The paradox as to why individuals of apparently identical weight and height have different risks of developing metabolic disease has been the question underpinning my research for the last 25 years. My research to answer this has resulted in my internationally recognised track record in developing and applying innovative whole body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy (MRS) based techniques as tools to non-invasively determine optimal health. Essential to this was my work directing the developing appropriate methods to analysis the data collected, this continues to be a particularly important aspect of my work, leading to constant contacts from companies and research groups around the world in need of such specialist expertise.

I joined the University of Westminster in October 2014, since this I have been closely involved in the foundation and running of Research Centre for Optimal Health (ReCOH).

My background was originally in Biochemistry, with a BSc from Queen Mary and Westfield College followed by a PhD investigating the effects of diet and development on adipose tissue composition using in vivo 13C NMR Spectroscopy. This led to a 20 year research career at the Robert Steiner MRI Unit, part of the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre at the Hammersmith Hospital developing novel non-invasive MR imaging and spectroscopy measure, quantify and understand body fat content and distribution in adults and infants.


The great majority of my teaching though has been of a supervisory nature, I have successfully supervised undergraduate, MSc and PhD research projects while at Westminster. This follows on from my time at the MRC where I had responsibility for supervising projects for medical students during their BSc year, as well as MSc, MRes, DIC and PhD students. As part of this work I was a member of the MRes management Committee for five years, overseeing the MRes research programme. 

Since joining the University of Westminster I have undertaken a Postgraduate Certificate of Higher Education, completing with a distinction in 2016. Further this I became a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy in September 2016.

 While at Westminster I have taught on a variety of modules including:

Level 4 module: Critical Thinking for Scientists

Level 5 module: Research Methods,

Level 5 module: Research Techniques in Nutrition and Exercise

Level 5 module: Biochemistry

Level 6 module: Applied Medical Sciences

Level 6 module: Current Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,

Level 7 module: Postgraduate Research Methods


For details of all my research outputs, visit my WestminsterResearch profile.