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Ann Thapar BSc (Hons), MBA (City University), FHEA (Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

Senior Lecturer & Employability Director for the School of  Finance & Accounting.

Senior lecturer at Westminster Business School (WBS) for over 17 years. Experienced in Business Analysis, Data Science and Statistics. Lecture at undergraduate, postgraduate as well as professional business courses. 

Current research and teaching focus are on a variety of Masters-level courses particularly the MBA and MSc Marketing & International Business Management. On the MBA programme at WBS,  Ann has been module Leader for the Core Statistics module as well as teaching Research Methods to postgraduate students. 

At undergraduate level teaching, experience includes Module Leadership (ML) for; Core Business Statistics/Informatics module,  Business & Financial Forecasting, Mathematics for Finance, Social & Market Research Methods, and Management Science. Subject area taught combine contemporary theory with practical knowledge and skills gained in the use of Bloomberg as a teaching aid and use of statistical software packages such as  SPSS & Minitab. Scholarship and research interests are in Business Analytics and Financial Modelling. Ann has contributed to chapters and presented papers in this area.  

Former administrative roles at WBS include membership of the University's Campus Academic Standard Group,  Business Developmental Leader role for EQM, Course Leader of BA Business Management (year 1), as well as  Mega Module leadership for a Core Module (managing over 12 members of staff and approx 350 students). 

Consultancy & Other Work Experience.

Previous  Employment experience includes Research Assistant at London Hospitals, Management Consultancy at the London Business Group (a Subsidiary of The London Business School), Non-Executive Directorship for a charity, Senior Managerial role (Project Manager) at Boots Celltech Ltd and Visiting Lecturer at various London Universities.

Also worked as a Freelance Consultant providing analytical solutions for Medical Statistics /Marketing companies etc. to a number of small and medium-size businesses, and for Non -Profit-Making Organisations. Projects include providing bespoke training to organizations.


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