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I have lived in London since 1997 but I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since I arrived in England, I've worked as a Spanish teacher but before that, in Buenos Aires, I was an English teacher (my initial teaching qualification) both in primary schools and in a language school with adults, and studied Anthropology at the UBA (University of Buenos Aires). Since coming to the UK, I have worked in several institutions as a Spanish language teacher (agencies, adult education colleges, in-companies, language schools, universities), and I was a teacher trainer at International House on the IH Certificate for Spanish Teachers. At the moment and for the last eight years, I have been teaching mainly at the University of Westminster for different programmes I am also a qualified DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) examiner and have also been responsible for assessing MODLEB candidates. Apart from my teaching career, and since arriving in London, I have been working both as an interpreter and a translator. I hold a Masters in Translation and the Institute of Linguists' DPSI (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting), achieving in both cases a distinction. Both my work as a translator and interpreter have complemented and enhanced my teaching practice.


Teaching on the Evening Language Programme and in Polylang (including a term as Spanish Coordinator from Sept to Dec 2008). As well as language input, my duties include the writing and marking of exams and coursework, the design of online activities, the contribution to the syllabus design of grades 2 and 4, the provision of pastoral support and the level testing of new students. I have also been involved in the assessment of candidates for the MA in Translation and Interpreting as well as in the supervision and correction of undergraduate translation projects. I have also taught on the BA programme.


  • Dyslexia and foreign language teaching.