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Senior Lecturer

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Patrick Smylie studied Modern History at the University of Westminster from 2003-06, where he gained a First Class BA (Hons). He gained an MA in Irish History from Queen's University Belfast in 2007. He was awarded his doctorate at Queen's University Belfast in 2010. He has been lecturing in history at the University of Westminster since 2011.

  • Modern America: Social and Political Change 1850-1920
  • New Liberals to New Labour: British Politics 1905-1997
  • The Troubles Britain and Ireland 1968-1998
  • Fascism and Authoritarianism in interwar Europe 1918-1939
  • Conflict and Commemoration: War and Memory in 20th Century Europe
  • History and Research Methods
  • Practical Work in Historical Archives
  • Jack the Ripper: Myth, Reality and Popular History

Irish communism and more broadly the left in Ireland from the development of New Unionism until the end of the Cold War; Irish political organisations in Britain; twentieth century social and political history.

Current Research Projects

  • Patrick is currently working on journal articles pertaining to Irish Communism 
  • A book on  'sectarian suburbs ' which will be co-authored with Dr Mark Clapson


The CPGB, the Connolly Association and Irish communism, 1945–1962 (2017)
Smylie, P. 2017. The CPGB, the Connolly Association and Irish communism, 1945–1962. Labor History. 58 (5), pp. 639-655.


Betty Sinclair (2016)
Smylie, P. 2016. Betty Sinclair. in: O'Connor, E. and Cunningham, J. (ed.) Studies in Irish Radical Leadership Manchester Manchester University Press. pp. 121-134


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